Labor Relations

When it comes to labor relations, what you don’t know could cost your organization big time. Are you willing to take that risk? Labor relations are a critical component of a successful business strategy, particularly when working in construction where labor unions are common. If you depend upon union labor, you’re well aware that collective bargaining and other aspects of labor relations may significantly impact your workplace culture, profit margin, and more.

OMS specializes in day-to-day labor relations, support with contract negotiations, arbitrations, jurisdictional disputes and collective bargaining agreements. During the collective bargaining process, OMS works closely with contractors to develop negotiation strategies, reviews items of importance which may be negotiated with the union, conducts industry research, analyzes data, hosts employer meetings and leads discussion during the negotiation meetings with union officials. Upon reaching an agreement with a union, OMS prepares the Memorandums of Agreements, develops new or amends existing collective bargaining agreements and informs contractors and the industry in general of the new collective bargaining agreements. OMS also provides wage rates, labor agreements, substance abuse testing programs and other labor-management programs. When you need to protect your interests and reach a fair and equitable resolution that helps with employee retention and productivity, third-party consulting from OMS can help.


Most people don’t realize an apprenticeship is a career pathway with many opportunities. Apprentices earn while they learn, working on the job and attending classes of related technical instruction. Apprentices have the opportunity to earn a bigger salary without accruing any student debt. Whether you are just beginning in the trades or have experience in the field, we can help you get started with a blueprint to a successful career. Our jointly managed apprenticeship committees do not discriminate in the selection, employment or training of apprentices on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender or religion.


Your employees are your most valuable assets. OMS construction safety programs help members to decrease down-time due to job site accidents, pay lower workers’ compensation premiums, provide safe and compliant projects, increase workforce morale, incur fewer public liability claims and make more competitive bids. We take great pride in maintaining our position as the region’s leader in union employee and employer safety training programs and initiatives such as material safety data sheets (MSDS Program), safety audits, and assistance during safety crisis-management situations. OMS also plans and administers drug testing for employers. No other regional association has committed the resources to the industry to support mitigating and preventing workplace injuries and fatalities like OMS. To learn more about how your company may benefit from safety education and training, please contact us.

We operate under three key standards when it comes to our safety programs.

  • Training provides leaders with knowledge on the latest tools to ensure safety systems and processes.
  • Planning identifies hazards and minimizes risk while improving quality and operations.
  • Measuring ensures accountability, which is key to success.


Education & Training

Valuable contractor training and professional development programs help our members stay at the top of the industry. OMS offers members various construction related educational programs and seminars sponsored through a cooperative labor education and development program in conjunction with local colleges, technical colleges and national industry associations. Specific educational offerings through OMS include scholarship programs, discounted educational opportunities, industry newsletter, annual education reimbursement, involvement in welding programs.

In addition to educational and safety seminars, specific information is periodically distributed to assist in attaining federal compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). OSHA provides information on employers’ training requirements and offers resources such as free publications, videos and other assistance to help employers protect workers against injuries and illnesses. We have programming suitable for every level of management, from the top down.

If you’re interested in hands-on training opportunities and apprenticeships, email

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) are top agenda items for building an inclusive construction industry. As labor relations professionals, our team brings exceptional interpersonal communication skills, deep understanding of cultural diversity and inclusion issues and the focus you need to successfully navigate negotiations and other labor-management interactions. Our education funds and apprenticeship programs offer training and mentoring opportunities to support female- and minority-owned contractors. We also partner with union labor to promote careers in the construction trades and apprenticeships among diverse populations. 

You can build a stronger company culture and a more engaged workforce while protecting your business and your employees, and OMS is here to help you do just that. Contact us to find out more.

Celebrating the differences in who we are, what we’ve done and what we believe does not erase the values and the culture we share in the workplace – it makes it better.


OMS through our MCA of Wisconsin Association assists with legislative and government affairs for contractor members throughout the State of Wisconsin.  In conjunction with our Contract Lobbyist, we evaluate legislation review bills and identify those that we think have an impact on our membership.  We then decide through our Government Affairs Committee to support, oppose, or remain neutral on the legislation.  These legislative efforts have proved to be a critical tool in our arsenal to make sure our local and state governments are working to keep you competitive and in business. 

Additional Services

We’re on a mission to eliminate the administrative work of running a company. We believe that people should focus on the hard stuff – the things that only people can do – and that OMS should manage the rest. In addition to the broader scope of labor management relationships, OMS maintains the day-to-day detailed requirements from various governmental and administrative agencies.

  • Accounting – Accounts receivable/accounts payable, remittances, reimbursements, etc.
  • Manage day-to-day operations of the association
  • Work with accountants to audit books
  • Maintain directors and officers insurance to protect board members and trustees
  • Maintain records and files
  • Event planning
  • Apprenticeship administration
  • Contractor representation at trust fund meetings

Marketing and Recruitment

OMS advertises and promotes its members and unions to owners and developers seeking quality contractors for their construction needs. We actively seek opportunities to showcase our members’ projects and expertise. OMS members benefit from excellent networking opportunities through regular owner meetings and other social activities. Members build relationships as they work together to advance their businesses and the industry.

Year after year, you can count on OMS to take the lead on the issues that make a difference to you and your company. OMS and its members are committed to recruiting the next generation of apprentices through networking, educational mentoring and career development opportunities. Through special events, social media marketing, public relations and educational outreach, OMS works with women, minorities, and middle and high school students to educate them about apprenticeships and high paying careers in the trades. Three annual signature events in conjunction with UA Local 400 Pipe Trades include Women in the Pipe Trades, Kick Off Your Future High School Competition and Apprentice Signing Day. OMS creates a yearly marketing plan with the objective being to recruit and maintain a robust and highly-trained workforce, which helps our communities thrive.