Your employees are your most valuable assets. OMS construction safety programs help members to decrease down-time due to job site accidents, pay lower workers’ compensation premiums, provide safe and compliant projects, increase workforce morale, incur fewer public liability claims and make more competitive bids. We take great pride in maintaining our position as the region’s leader in union employee and employer safety training programs and initiatives such as material safety data sheets (MSDS Program), safety audits, and assistance during safety crisis-management situations. OMS also plans and administers drug testing for employers. No other regional association has committed the resources to the industry to support mitigating and preventing workplace injuries and fatalities like OMS. To learn more about how your company may benefit from safety education and training, please contact us.

We operate under three key standards when it comes to our safety programs.

  • Training provides leaders with knowledge on the latest tools to ensure safety systems and processes.
  • Planning identifies hazards and minimizes risk while improving quality and operations.
  • Measuring ensures accountability, which is key to success.