As a member of one of our Member Associations, OMS provides quick access to members-only resources such as wage rates, apprenticeship and job information, events, upcoming safety training and more. OMS specializes in negotiating collective bargaining agreements with plumbers, pipefitters, welders, HVAC service technicians, sheet metal and insulation contractors, and providing construction labor relations information and news. Join one of our Member Associations today!

Member Benefits

Education & Training

Members receive regular updates in the construction industry and with government relations as well as access to a multitude of technical expertise from your peers. Our key focus is to provide contractors with safety training and classroom instruction.


A strong, united voice must be present to pass legislation that is favorable to the construction industry.

Labor Relations

With a labor union that has quadrupled in membership, it is more important than ever to have an association that is equally as encompassing with its membership. As a member, your firm will receive comprehensive counsel in management meetings with labor unions before and during labor negotiations as well as the latest information on union hourly wages and fringe benefit contributions.


A monthly newsletter keeps association members informed on important local, state, and national issues.

Joint Labor Management Committees

Being an Association member, you have an opportunity to serve on various joint committees whose boards set the rules for the industry.

Industry Liaison

The Association maintains a working relationship with other branches of the construction industry such as architects, engineers, and local, state and national officials.

Association Meetings and Special Functions

The opportunity is yours to attend information exchange programs for contractors to network with each other. The Association holds quarterly business meetings, an annual golf outing and a holiday celebration allowing your firm to network with union officials and other contractor groups.

State & National Affiliation

The benefits you have as a local association member are also available to you on the state and national levels if you so choose.
These are just a few of the benefits our Member Associations provide. If you want to help our industry, if you want to be associated with a group of professional contractors and associates, if you want to improve your business professionally, if you want to grow professionally and personally, then you want to join one of our Member Associations.

Marketing & Networking

OMS advertises and promotes members and unions to owners and developers seeking quality contractors for their construction needs. We actively seek opportunities to showcase our members’ projects and expertise. OMS members benefit from excellent networking opportunities through regular owner meetings and other social activities. Members build relationships as they work together to advance the industry. Our marketing effort is designed to increase brand awareness, recruit new members and familiarize the public with our services.