Marketing and Recruitment

OMS advertises and promotes its members and unions to owners and developers seeking quality contractors for their construction needs. We actively seek opportunities to showcase our members’ projects and expertise. OMS members benefit from excellent networking opportunities through regular owner meetings and other social activities. Members build relationships as they work together to advance their businesses and the industry.

Year after year, you can count on OMS to take the lead on the issues that make a difference to you and your company. OMS and its members are committed to recruiting the next generation of apprentices through networking, educational mentoring and career development opportunities. Through special events, social media marketing, public relations and educational outreach, OMS works with women, minorities, and middle and high school students to educate them about apprenticeships and high paying careers in the trades. Three annual signature events in conjunction with UA Local 400 Pipe Trades include Women in the Pipe Trades, Kick Off Your Future High School Competition and Apprentice Signing Day. OMS creates a yearly marketing plan with the objective being to recruit and maintain a robust and highly-trained workforce, which helps our communities thrive.