Labor Relations

When it comes to labor relations, what you don’t know could cost your organization big time. Are you willing to take that risk? Labor relations are a critical component of a successful business strategy, particularly when working in construction where labor unions are common. If you depend upon union labor, you’re well aware that collective bargaining and other aspects of labor relations may significantly impact your workplace culture, profit margin, and more.

OMS specializes in day-to-day labor relations, support with contract negotiations, arbitrations, jurisdictional disputes and collective bargaining agreements. During the collective bargaining process, OMS works closely with contractors to develop negotiation strategies, reviews items of importance which may be negotiated with the union, conducts industry research, analyzes data, hosts employer meetings and leads discussion during the negotiation meetings with union officials. Upon reaching an agreement with a union, OMS prepares the Memorandums of Agreements, develops new or amends existing collective bargaining agreements and informs contractors and the industry in general of the new collective bargaining agreements. OMS also provides wage rates, labor agreements, substance abuse testing programs and other labor-management programs. When you need to protect your interests and reach a fair and equitable resolution that helps with employee retention and productivity, third-party consulting from OMS can help.